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Liberty Power Ltd.

Sindh Province, Pakistan

Elwan Group led the development of Liberty Power Limited, a fully-integrated utility for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in Pakistan's northern Sindh region. Liberty was the first independent power company in the nation to transport and process domestic natural gas. The initiative supports two national development objectives: reducing the country's spending on imported fuel for power generation, and providing royalty and tax revenues to the government.

Elwan Group was able to make the project a reality by contributing several kinds of expertise: developing an optimal fuel strategy, planning an aggressive construction schedule and financing the project rapidly. Approved for development by the Government of Pakistan in 1995, Liberty Power also set the following precedents:

  • First combined-cycle project to use natural gas under the Pakistan Government's 1994 Power Policy
  • Only project to use non-pipeline-quality natural gas
  • First power station to meet the World Bank's 1997 Environment Guidelines
  • First power project financed without multilateral guarantees or loans

The significant tax revenues generated by Liberty since its launch in 1997 have meant improved infrastructure and services for the people of Pakistan, boosting economic growth in the region.